Coast Hockey League: Richmond

Winter Champs 2018-19: Pougars Div 10
Spring 2019 Champions: Puffers Div 3
Winter Champs 2018-19: Toasters Div 12
Winter Champs 2018-19: Pioneers Div 3
Winter Champs 2018-19: Honey Skunks Div 9
Winter Champs 2018-19: Crown Royals Div 2
Spring 2019 Champions: League of Shadows div 6
Spring 2019 Champions: Booze Blues Div 2
Winter Champs 2018-19: Skunks World Order
Winter Champs 2018-19: Guins Div 4
Winter Champs 2018-19: Icemen Div 8
Winter Champs 2018-19: Regulators Div 6
Spring 2019 Champions: Yotes Div 1
Spring 2019 Champions: Rebels Div 5
Marlies Spring 2019 Champs: Div 4 Spring Champs!
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Hockey Is Back In Richmond!



Coast Hockey has been keeping contact with the City of Richmond as well as the all the public health orders in place.   Dr. Bonnie Henry has extended the restrictions with no clear ending, we will be opening registration as soon as we are able.   Check back on the site for when registration opens, or email for info.

Coast Hockey League will be running a winter season when provincial health orders permit.   We will be running a 5 on 5 season with a cap on 10 players and a goalie at each game.

We hope to see you all soon.

 - Coast Hockey League.